Clinical Expertise, State-of-the-Art Technology

The sooner a pet’s illness or injury can be diagnosed, the more quickly appropriate treatment can begin—putting your pet on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

Because our pets can’t tell us where it hurts and, in many cases, hide their discomfort, veterinarians need to be expert diagnosticians and also need access to the most advanced diagnostic equipment.

Our Stone Ridge Ocala veterinarians have the knowledge, skill and experience needed to diagnose a wide variety of illnesses and injuries in many species of animals, including dogs, cats, and small mammals. When needed, technology is used to ensure a rapid and accurate diagnosis.

  • Digital radiography produces highly detailed x-ray images that can be viewed immediately on a computer monitor, enabling a quick and accurate diagnosis. Once these digital images are obtained, they can be shared electronically with other veterinarians/specialists when a second opinion or referral is needed.
  • Ultrasound provides a safe and painless means of examining your pet’s organs and internal structures. Because it uses sound waves rather than radiation, ultrasound is extremely safe. Dr. Collins and John V., technician, are certified scanners by Oncura Partners. All ultrasound images are shared with Oncura Partners and my be reviewed by a radiologist or internal medicine specialist. Interpretations and/or treatment recommendations are available within 2-8 hours. Stone Ridge offers superior ultrasound services without the need to travel to obtain specialty insight on ultrasound imaging.
  • Endoscopy provides a nonsurgical means of examining the digestive tract, including the stomach, and can be used for fluid analysis, to obtain biopsies, to find and remove foreign objects your pet may have ingested, and to examine the overall health of the digestive tract. With your pet under anesthesia, a tube with an attached light and camera is inserted into the mouth and gently guided through the digestive tract while images appear on a monitor.
  • Our in-house laboratory allows your Ocala veterinarians to process a wide range of diagnostic samples right here in our clinic, providing nearly immediate results that allow us to begin treatment promptly.