At Stone Ridge, we practice medicine based on our commitment to:

  • Providing all animals with high-quality, compassionate and affordable care
  • A personalized approach to care based on your pet’s unique needs
  • You, our client, as an integral part of your pet’s healthcare team

Your Pet’s Nutrition

Good nutrition is as important for our pets as it is for us, and nutritional needs evolve over time.

Whether your pet needs help to lose or gain weight, has an allergy or other condition that requires a special diet, or needs a change in diet with age, our veterinarian in Ocala FL will work with you to provide the optimal nutrition throughout your pet’s lifetime. To this end, Stone Ridge offers several specialty and prescription foods to meet a variety of nutritional needs.

Skin and Allergy Treatment

Florida’s warm temperatures and humidity are to blame for a higher than average incidence of skin disorders, ear infections and allergies in dogs and cats—and these conditions can range from annoying to potentially serious.

Here at Stone Ridge, Dr. Christina Collins will employ her knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions and allergies to create a comprehensive care plan based on your pet’s individual needs. Dr. Collins utilizes multiple methods to treat skin disease as your Ocala pet dermatologist.

In addition to a complete physical exam, diagnostic techniques may include ear cytology (microscopic cellular examination), skin cytology or scrapings, and/or ear or skin cultures and sensitivity testing.

Depending upon the findings of your pet’s exam and/or tests, Stone Ridge offers a variety of topical products and oral medications, as well as prescription foods for pets requiring special diets.

When Cancer Strikes

Few things are more devastating than learning that a beloved animal companion has cancer. Our staff is committed to working with you to obtain a quick and accurate diagnosis, to exploring and explaining all options for treatment and to ensuring that your pet receives the best and most up-to-date care available.

At Stone Ridge, we offer state-of-the-art surgeries—such as biopsies for diagnosis and mass removal for cancer treatment—employing the latest, most effective and safest techniques available. If your pet is a candidate for other forms of care, such as chemotherapy or radiation, your Ocala FL veterinarian will discuss your pet’s case with the specialists at the UF Small Animal Clinic in Gainesville, and will make your pet’s medical records available for consultation and treatment.

Internal Medicine

When your pet is ill, all that matters is getting him the best possible care to ensure a complete and speedy recovery.

A prompt and accurate diagnosis is the first priority. Here at Stone Ridge, comprehensive testing may be used to diagnose your pet’s illness. Such tests include blood work and urinalysis, as well as digital radiographs, which expedite diagnosis with immediate, high-quality images. Our in-house laboratory allows us to process samples and obtain results while you wait.

If further diagnostics are required, Stone Ridge offers a number of the very latest diagnostic modalities, including ultrasound and endoscopy. When needed, we are also able to send samples (such as gastrointestinal panels, extensive thyroid panels, tests for Cushing’s disease, etc) to outside laboratories for processing.

Once diagnosed, your pet will receive the highest-quality, most compassionate care, tailored to his or her individual needs. This may include hospitalization at our facility, transfer for overnight care or referral to a specialist. If medication is required, our in-house pharmacy provides instant access and online prescription refills eliminate any concerns about running out of your pet’s medications.