If you are planning to adopt a cat, or if you already own a furry friend, it is so important that you have the cat spayed or neutered. Not only does this help prevent the overpopulation of strays, but it also protects your cat from many serious health issues. Many cats that are adopted through local shelters and animal rescues are already spayed or neutered, so you can trust that they have already received the necessary care. However, if you are adopting a stray or new kitten, it is so important that you have them evaluated by our veterinarian. Spaying or neutering your cat can give them a better quality of life as well as prevent unwanted pregnancies.

There are many types of health conditions that can be prevented through the process of spaying or neutering. Spaying a female cat before her first heat can help to prevent uterine infections, uterine cancers, and breast cancer. Neutering a male cat can help to eliminate their chances of developing testicular cancer and it will lower their risk of prostate issues. Cats that have been spayed or neutered live longer, healthier lives free of the risk of many preventable and serious health issues.

Choosing to spay and neuter in Ocala FL can also help to prevent unwanted behaviors in your cat. Cats that have been fixed are less likely to roam, bite, hiss, or display aggressive behavior. Male cats that have not been neutered will be very likely to escape your home when they sense a female cat is in heat. A cat that roams will be more likely to develop parasites, infections, and pick up unwanted fleas or mites and bring them into your home. This can be very dangerous because your cat may have a parasite for years without ever showing symptoms of anything being wrong. Cats are elusive with their discomfort, so you may not necessarily know your cat has been affected by a parasite until it is too late.

Cats that are not spayed or neutered will contribute to the overpopulation of stray animals. Millions of cats are euthanized every year due to the overpopulation of cats around the US. There are not enough homes available to accommodate all the strays throughout the country. That is why it is so important to spay and neuter in Ocala FL because it is the humane option. Choosing to spay and neuter in Ocala FL can help to control the population of stray animals throughout the world. This can help to lighten the load of how many animals end up in shelters and give animals the chance to find loving homes.

Kittens as young as eight weeks old can be spayed and neutered. It is typically recommended that cats are fixed before they first go into heat, ideally before six months. This will give a cat the most health benefits in regards to preventing serious health complications from developing in the future, like certain cancers. This early window to spay or neuter your cat will also help to prevent certain unwanted behaviors from developing. However, it is never too late to spay or neuter your cat regardless of age.

Contact our veterinarian if you have any further questions about spay and neuter in Ocala FL. Our team can help you make the best healthcare decisions for your pet and their quality of life. You can reach our vet by calling (352) 269-5971 or by filling out a contact request form directly on our site.



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